Effects pedals and noise makers - Handmade in Brooklyn, NYC

Lifetime Warranty

All pedals come with a lifetime warranty. As long as they are stock and not modified in anyway I’ll fix or replace as new at anytime.

Email me (lawrence at ohnoho.com) to set up a repair or replacement.

Power Supplies and Batteries

All Ohnoho pedals follow the industry standard negative tipped 9VDC 2.1mm DC jack. They do not come with a battery option. Batteries are wasteful, hell on the planet, ineffcient and the connectors always break. I'd go on but Dano said it best here.

You can buy a One Spot power supply directly from me. These are the best power supplies for the price and will power any Ohnoho Pedal and most every other pedal ever made.


Most pedals are around $6 shipped to the US via priority and takes no more than 3 days. First Class can be longer.

Everywhere Else/Outside the USA:

First Class: Can take as little as a week. Can take up to a month. It depends on your country. No tracking number

Priority International: 1-3 weeks. Tracking number works/gets updated about 75% of the time.

Express Mail: 3-5 business days: Tracking number almost always works.

I ship from Brooklyn, NYC which is a major mail hub to the entire world.

Most pedals are built to order and ship in 48 hours, occasionally a little longer and occasionally a lot faster. You'll get an email from Stamps.com with a tracking number when it ships.


You can email me: lawrence at ohnoho.com

I answer every email. If I don't respond with in 72 hours your email might have gotten caught up by spam filters or lost in the ether (you'd be suprised how often this happens).

Like Aaliyah said, "if at first you don't succeed, pick your self up and try again".

The Concept and Conceptualizer of OHNOHO

Hi. My name is Lawrence Scaduto.

I make lots of stuff: songs, videos, smoked meats, jokes, love, friends, maxims and....

I really like building guitar pedals. A LOT.

I make them in small batches. Lovingly by hand. Each one is unique in its blemishes and its irregularities. Usually 10 at a time. Always with completely new artwork never to be repeated.

I'm trying to make something unique and at a really good price. Something that bros and broads can hold in their dirty little hands and feel special because I made it just for them. That's the mission.

Custom Builds

I don't do them anymore. They can be insanely time consuming. Which takes away from all of the music, movies, video, design, art and mirth making I want to accomplish before the final bell rings in life.

I am really appreciative that anyone wants me to make something for them. It's truly super awesome.